LDL Cholesterol

I had cbc test done today and the results were no results ? what does this mean?

Dear Ask The Doctor. I have a question concerning my recent Health Screening, some figures were unexpected that I had to do it twice on different days. I am a 30 year old healthy male. The first o...

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about 3 months ago and put on simvastatin 20mg. I recently had my cholesterol checked again and it is now 193 108. can I go off the medication for a while an...

Could you please advise me as my blood cholesterol is 6.7 and my blood pressure is 130/100 is this high.receently I have not been feeling well and in between have been havibg dizzy spells.

I have my cholesterol level checked by my doctor every 3 months, I am taking crestor. I get the results back from him my total cholesterol is 220,my HDL is 10.8, but they never give me the LDL lev...

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