Lice problem: My wife has lice problem. we have 6 months old baby. Please suggest some medication so it will be safe.

Hi there, I m having problem of lice in my head so can u pls tell me how to get rid of them immediately without any special shampoo...I saw many videos on YouTube and I even tried but I didn't work...

How do i rid my body inside as well as outside of pubic lice for good? shampoos do not work for the inside of my body where they also reside

If I had a liver lac at age 8 is it safe to drink at age 16? What effects could this have on my liver? Mainly will I die?

It's midnight and I just sliced the top corner of my thumb off with an xacto knife. I didn't cut any muscle and no bone is showing. I immediately Applied pressure and then ran it under cold water. ...

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