Good afternoon. Seems like some of my numbers are HDL is consistently low even though i don't smoke or drink. I am a runner and eat a healthy diet even though i don't eat much good fat. Al...

18 year slow growing clavicular mass on left shoulder above collar bone.... soft no pain a little larger than a golf ball. First sign of this was after a set of gym bleachers fell and I caught the ...

Can a Lipoma go away on its own?

I have a 5 cm lump on what I think would be considered the Vastus Lateralis or possibly rectus femoris (left leg), that general area. I noticed it about 10 days ago. It appeared out of nowhere, no...

I woke up two days ago to find an odd pair of lumps/swelling directly under my temple on both sides of my face. The lumps are painless but firm and I have no other symptoms.

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