I've discovered quite a large lump on my thigh, in the middle a couple of inches above my knee. I've had no injury and it doesn't hurt. The lump is hard and doesn't move at all. My two dogs both ha...

For the last few months I have noticed a small lump about half the size of a pea above my lefr testical. It is free floating but seems to stay beside the top next to the epididymis. There is no sha...

I have what seems to be swelling and a lump/bulge behind my left ear down to my jaw bone It does not hurt & is quite hard. Maybe about the size of a golf ball. What could this be?

Is it possible to get sepsis from otitis externa that was resistant to Augmentin?

I am a 22 year old female. I first noticed a solid bony lump on the back of my head when I was 16. A while after another one appeared on my forehead. They can't be moved. They didn't really grow an...

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