Lung Cancer

Is there good evidence that Ambien or Lunesta cause lung cancer?

Hi, Are there any studies to suggest that SSRI Antidepressant use may be linked to Lung Cancer? I am currently on 20mg Fluoxetine for anxiety, but am worried that this may be putting me at risk. I...

Hi some years ago I broke up an asbestos sheet at work and breathed in the dust. I live every day in fear that I will now get lung cancer. How serious is the one off exposure.

How severe is the pain in the shoulder from lung cancer? I feel last week and my shoulder is still sore, but I had smoke for 15 years and I read that shoulder pain is a sigh of lung cancer.

I've been a regular marijuana smoker for 2.5 years with zero issues. However , 2weeks ago I happen to smoke a lot this particular night and woke up the following morning with shortness of breath w...

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