Lung Cancer

Can you please read my dad's cat scan and tell me if you think there's any chance this can be valley fever (we live in Arizona) and not cancer. If it is cancer, is there any indication from the ca...

Is there good evidence that Ambien or Lunesta cause lung cancer?

Hi, Are there any studies to suggest that SSRI Antidepressant use may be linked to Lung Cancer? I am currently on 20mg Fluoxetine for anxiety, but am worried that this may be putting me at risk. I...

Hi some years ago I broke up an asbestos sheet at work and breathed in the dust. I live every day in fear that I will now get lung cancer. How serious is the one off exposure.

How severe is the pain in the shoulder from lung cancer? I feel last week and my shoulder is still sore, but I had smoke for 15 years and I read that shoulder pain is a sigh of lung cancer.

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