Lung Disease

I am having TB.initially i was given medicine like RCIN600,combunex 800,pyzina1000 and benadon40.after few days i got fever and doctor stopped pyzina dn RCIN and started streptomycin injection.Late...

Hello, I am a 29 yr old female nurse with a question regarding a wheeze. I have seemed to acquire a short but very apparent wheeze at the end part of my exhales. I have had it for about a year n...

I'm not responding to antibiotics from my GP and my pulmonologist office has a lack of concern to get me in on a timely basis because I haven't seen him in years. I have a gram negative bacteria t...

I took a TB Screening and the findings were low lung volumes with mild cardiomegaly. Discrete focal airspace opacity. What does that mean?

I find it hard to breath laying down but breathing is fine standing or sitting

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