Lyme Disease

Hello, I have been experiencing some strange symptoms mostly at night/sleeping. I was checked about 6 yrs ago by a neurologist because of some nerve burning sensations and cleared. I was diagnose...

Diagnosed with Lyme 6 maths ago-following up with doctor to discuss CBC with differential and Boston Heart Test. Wanted your opinion as I am concerned. CBC panel says schistocytes present, acant...

I got a tick bite 4 weeks ago and its still itchy. Its red but i scratch and rub it alot. Its not a bullseye. Im scared of having Lymes Disease. Would i have already had symptoms if it were Lymes?

Heart rate 115 at rest today I have temperature 38.6c no temp any more but the heart rate came down from 125 .hystory of Lyme disease

I had a lump on the back of my neck for a few months (hard.. Feels like it's a bony thing growing out of my spine - doesn't hurt but does move a little if pushed around a bit). I noticed that I hav...

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