Macular Degeneration

Hi, From 6 months ago,i have muscle fasciculation in all body,I olso have low level of creatinine. What should i do? Many thanks.

My sister is 62 she has had macular degeneration since she was 20 back then they didn't have much treatment , but lately have heard of surgery to improve it. She is not totally black in her vision ...

The muscles in my inner rear area as well as pevlic area throb some times why is this

During the last 2 years i have been experiencing back ackes muscle cramps and paresthesias...In the last 2 months i noticed fasciculation in buttocks and thighs and then in legs calfs feet belly,l...

I have pulled my hamstring several times, always in my sleep, i have been to physio and orthapedics however neither hv worked. Whenever walking i get very bad shin splints and my calf become very ...

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