I had an abnormal pap smear returned as CIN 3. I have had a biopsy - waiting for results. What does all this mean I am really scared.

I have slight brownish, bloody discharge from one nipple. I am 64 years old. Is the chance of malignancy high?

I have microscopic blood in my urine every once in a while. It seems to happen more often when I have intercourse. I am post menopausal. Could this be blood contamination coming from my vaginal eve...

Hi at age 39 I had a mastectomy due to a Fybriod tumor. It started me in to early menopause. My period cycles have been irregular lately. Right now I have been bleeding for 14 days. When it...

I entered menopause 2 years ago and yesterday I found I was bleeding. I had vaginal ultrasound and endometrium line is 3 mm. I had gastric bypassa 8 months ago and lost 51 quilograms. I'm terrifi...

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