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Hello doctor, I am rao from hyderabad and on lastweek nerve conduction study done by me at the same when nerve condition is going on on my body i have bracelet made of raggi and belt buckets made ...

I found a lumpy thing at the bottom of scrotum behind right testicle. It doesn't seem to grow out of the testicle, but it does seem to be attached to it. It causes no pain and no other symptoms. Wh...

I have dizziness/lightheadedness, eye pain, tension headaches and vision issues. I have no clue what to try or where to go next.

I got out of a cramped car and i cant fully extend my leg. My knee feels odd when i try to extend it but i have no pain.what could be causing this and should i go to the doctors

My nose changed shape and its affecting my life quality,i dont know what happened,please tell me whats wrong

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