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I have a sore area on the side of my penis gland. It's been there for about 2 weeks on and off but recently it has started to hurt a lot more. There are no blisters but maybe some slightly raised ...

I have a red blotchy rash on the penile head, its red with a couple very tiny bumps like pin size. Is it just a rash or worse

Over the last 6 years I have had trouble breathing through just my nose and have been having to use my mouth as well. I was told I could have a deviated septum? What is that?

What could be wrong with my penis glans? I have noticed what appears to be a vein on my penis head, two days ago. It's very noticeable and raised above the skin. It doesn't hurt or go away. It...

I have been having pain in my right testicle lately. Its off and on, and not severe enough to be torsion. But it is rather bad, its a ache towards the top of my testicle and to the back. And is ver...

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