I have had a severe migraine for more than 72 hours. I am in severe pain . Should I go to the emergency room?


My 14yr old fell asleep with an icepack on her head 3 days ago shes complaining it hurts where the ice was


My son is 16 and he is having migrains very bad nose bleeds tiredness dizziness he is a healthy child except when he was born he was 3wks early and spent a few weems in neo icu can you please help ...


I have been experiencing migraines for a few months now, along with them i get dizziness and lightheadedness, ear and eye pressure, sometimes i can't see straight and have to close my eyes, i daze ...


I have been at home all day and I felt fine. But the next minute I was having extremely sharp pains in my head and I now have a terrible migraine. I am prone to headaches/migraines but I have never...

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