Hi - I have migraines that last around three days if they're not aborted. I take Imitrex when I get them, and it usually works great, but today I have taken the maximum dose on my Rx for a 24 hr. p...

I have had a really bad migraine since i woke up with blurred vision. I'm 16 and a female. Should i be worried?

I have a pressure by my ears and around the back of my head. It actually feels like its all over my head. I would really like to talk to a doctor about this. It really started getting bad about 2 w...

I have had a severe migraine for more than 72 hours. I am in severe pain . Should I go to the emergency room?

My 14yr old fell asleep with an icepack on her head 3 days ago shes complaining it hurts where the ice was

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