I have a mole on my stomach which I acquired in my late childhood. Now i am 29 , i could see its growing in size. Its of irregular shape and black colour. There is no pain associated with.should i ...

Hello...I discovered today a dark, small, bubblish thing in the middle of my lip. I remember rubbing my lip with a rough towel yesterday. Not sure if its a blood blister. Thank you

Black Mole on foot been there for years. Very Very small on the middle toe on right foot.

I have a daughter with two moles she is bery young below teen age I'm gonna check them im just really wprried they are abit elevated one is red brown and even but maybe 5 mm long the other one is...

So I've had this mole for a very long time, probably 4 years minimum on my stomach. I was watching discovery channel yesterday and this person mentioned melanoma and it started off as a mole. I wa...

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