What causes parotitis to develop on the left side of the face while being treated for parotitis that has now subsided on the right side of the face in the absence of mumps (negative blood results) ...

My 14 year daughter had her hair dyed on sunday,she got an allergic reaction to it and got sores on the edges of her face,back of her neck and scalp,we are aware she is allergic to this certain ch...

My grandson has a swollen testcle on the right side he has been touching it lately and sweezing it to he just got over a bad cough and cold any feed back on this? thankyou

"I have a swollen gland i believe right under the right side of my chin and one on the same side of my neck. is it mumps or should i be cerious"

Hi, I had my MMR vaccination at school when I was 14. In the past two years though I appear to have caught a variation of mumps and measles. I travelled to India in June 2010 and was very ill dur...

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