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Hey, i was playing hockey back in july last year (roughly 7 months ago) when i was hit in the head just above my eye brow with a hockey ball. I had to have 6 stitches. i didnt loose conciousness an...


Are dopamine and serotonin supplements unhealthy? Unhealthy brain funktion that I'm sure has to do with both and no I'm not a drugy but had been in a car accident... May have ptsd


I have severe pain in my left pinky and ring finger. I've had it four three years. I've done an mri on my neck and the nerve is not entrapped there. I've done 2 emg tests and my nerve is not entrap...


I have pain for last 7 days on my right neck. When I turn my head to right side it becomes painful. For this I have take cipla nicip plus. Then my brother experienceed with this kind of pain sugges...


I am a 27 years old girl. about 2 weeks ago, I had kind of a fight with my colleagues where I was shouting and got very angry, also, my body was trembling with anger. at that moment and since then,...

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