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I hit my elbow extremely hard at work today. I'm having the worst pain, numbness in my fingers and burning sensation. What should I do?


I have pain in lower back. after a few treatments an ayurvedic doctors said that it is because the nerve that is jamed in between a lower back spinal bone. so now i am in a confusion that if need t...


The left side of my face and left are are numb. What could be causing it?


Hi sir im naresh 29/M i hve pain in left side upper chest pain i consult physian and cordiolagy master health check up and cardic checkup all reports are normal doctor told that may this is due to ...


Can prolonged anxiety cause nerve problems? I've been experiencing burning and some numbness in my feet and some in my lower arms and hands off and on for about three weeks. Just had blood work d...

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