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I am 23 years old. Smoker. No major health issues other than hypothroidism which I take medication for. I have three kids 3,2, and 11 months. Very busy mom, high stress and anxiety daily. I also ha...


One is suffering from migraine and following medication for the same, with continuous medications of skin pigmentation. Suppose if he/she consumes alcohol (cocktail) and also smokes what can be the...


I am not sure what to do, I am very aware something is wrong with me... but last time I went to the E.R. they sent me home without any help or diagnosis after 11 hours and have a week until I see m...


I'm losing strength in my face after 2 years of bells palsy and have started accuscope therapy, should I continue with this type of electrical stimulation?


I have the following findings from an MRI after experiencing neck pain and numbness radiating down my left arm and hand: C3-4 Small central disc protrusion with associated annular tear with mini...

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