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Hello i am experiencing since a month, every 3 or 4 days a pain in the middle of the back... it sometimes also give me pain on the right torso... then i feel very tiered and i have my right hand ...


Can I take Gabapentin only when I have symptoms? I was prescribed 100mg Gabapentin, starting at 3 per day, then up to 6 per day. I currently take 2 per day, about 12 hours apart. I was prescribed ...


I was recently sitting on the floor painting, my right foot under my left buttocks, for an extended period of time (~3-4 hours) with few breaks. During the breaks I noticed my foot had "fallen...


I have pressure on a nerve in my thumb from using scissors. How long does it take to restore the feeling?


Heya, my left foot has been numb for roughly 3 days now - and by saying my left foot I really only mean it's top side. I just noticed (days after the numbness showed up) a small circular patch of d...

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