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Dear Doctor, I had a cervical MRI (in Germany, self pay, not ordered by a doctor) and now I have the results and am not sure what it means. I am looking for an opinion on if the report matches to m...


I have sleep paralysis ,sometimes mostly during afternoon.I am little waked up and in dream also able to move my body difficultly.


Hello, I've always had this weird muscle fasciculation on random places on my body (arms, legs, face etc.) and it twitches for like 3 seconds.. and then it stops. It happens a lot of time in a day ...


Hey, i was playing hockey back in july last year (roughly 7 months ago) when i was hit in the head just above my eye brow with a hockey ball. I had to have 6 stitches. i didnt loose conciousness an...


Are dopamine and serotonin supplements unhealthy? Unhealthy brain funktion that I'm sure has to do with both and no I'm not a drugy but had been in a car accident... May have ptsd

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