Oral Health

I got into a scuffle in hockey the other day. I bit my tongue. It hasnt closed up really. Its about a half inch long and maybe an eigth of of a inch deep. How long should i expect it to take?

My tongue normally rests at the bottom of my mouth, but a few days ago I noticed that all of a sudden I am constantly pressing my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I keep trying to get my tongue to s...

I recently noticed the small thing under my tongue seems to be swollen or have a couple red bumps. There also appears to be some discoloration on the roof of my mouth, as well as a few minor red s...

Hi A few weeks ago, i scratched the roof of my mouth multiple times. A couple days later in the general area, i noticed a roundish, firm, fairly hard, 1/2 pea sized bump on the roof of my mouth. I ...

My 10 year old daughter has a little hard lump inside her cheek it moves around and causes no pain

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