Ovarian Cyst

Is medical mariguana good for ovarian cyst

I went to my pcp to get a referral to an endocrinologist because of severe cystic acne on jaw line forehead and temple, difficulty losing weight when it had never been issue before, bad mood swings...

Positive pregnancy test, history of ovarian cysts and miscarriages, have type 2 diabetes and on depo provera for 5 months (received last shot 6 weeks ago), last period was over 3 months ago, possi...

I am a 69 year old female. For the last week I have been experiencing a nagging tenderness in my lower abdomin primarily on the left side. The "pain" is subtle and at times radiates to...

I had my last period in August ...was advised an ultrasound and TSH and FSH test. Ultrasound shows a cyst in the right ovary 4 cm*2.5cm ..TSH is 1.5 and FSH is 2.3.

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