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Overactive Bladder

I have been going to the bathroom a lot. I will urinate then like 15 mins later it feels like it's full and I could go again. I usually go every hour or less. I don't drink a lot or take any medica...


Hi, I am a little uncomfortable speaking with a doctor face to face about my issue. I am a 26yo male and need to pee a lot. It's not just the regularity of it, but sometimes the urgency which doe...


I have been suffering some urinary incontinence for about 2 weeks. I know for a fact that it is triggered by me thinking about the problem, and thus, getting some anxiety over it. It only happens i...


I am urinating a lot, my lower stomach feels a little weird, also I am feeling like I need to throw up. Could it be in my head or what could be the problem?


Frequent urination with large amounts of urine. Sometimes it can be atleast 3 times in 30min. Been to the doctor and I don't have a UTI

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