Hi I have been suffering from ache and tingling in my left arm. I get weakness and pain in my forearm when trying to lift anything. also if I bend my hand I can feel tension in my arm. My right ...

I have a pain, an aching pain just below my rib cage on my right side. Gall bladder? No. I have had an ultrasound and everything looked good. Every once in a while it will be on my left side. Stand...

Please can you let me know if it is safe to use Dolotram 50mg twice a day for a long period of time. I have been on them for 6 months now and want to check that is safe to carry on.

Hi, could you help me diagnose my throat issue please ? I have been suffering with a general anxiety issue for the last 6 months although thanks to therapy i am much much better. I am a 32 year old...

Wondering what likely cause of pain in back of left arm might be

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