Pain Management

I broke my left femur end of January and received an intramedullary nail. It is very painful in the hip since the nail sticks out of the femur about 2cm. 1 week ago I'm allowed to put 10kg weight...


I had high blood pressure reaction (my normal is 120/80, heart rate 70) to Mobic. To relieve the shooting pain down my right leg, is it safe for me to take Ibuprofen, say up to 800mg perday?


Tingling sensation and pain in lower left abdomen and testes.


I slipped and fell rather awkwardly on a hard surface. I landed on the right side of my body, my hip and right arm taking the brunt of the fall. I was a little shocked at first and struggled painfu...


I'm a 15 year old female who got mba flat foot surgery when I was 12. I got my tendons lengthened and metal implants put into my ankles. I never had any pain but my parents noticed I wore out my sh...

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