Pain Management

What can I do to ease my fibromyasia pain. I tried gabapentin and Xanax but neither worK. I have another pill topirmate , should I take it to help cure pain and headaches?


Hi, my mum was recently on fentanyl 75mcg patches for arthritic pain as she is awaiting an operation and has bad pain from it. The patches caused a bit of a problem as they got bigger and don't st...


Right upper quadrant pain in between my nipple and armpit region. Pain comes and goes but gets increasingly worse when I move my neck down. Feels muscular. Have had the pain for a year


I am in pain management, I over did my meds yesterday and have an appointment tomorrow, will my levels be satisfactory by then or will it show I over took them? Are the levels checked in the offic...


If you weigh 108 pounds and are taking Tylenol 3, can you take one 2 he's after taking the first one if you still can't bear the pain?

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