6 days ago I started getting mild abdominal cramps. They came and went. 3 days ago the cramps got slightly worse is like cramps, aching burning right across lower abdominal area although middle ...

Hi it's a bit of a long term issue I had a full hysterectomy 4 years ago aged 28 I had to be re-admitted to hospital roughly ever 4-5 wks and stay in 5-10 days on IV antibiotics for the next 14 mon...

Hey doc. On friday i woke up with an extremely painful lump on the outside of the opening of my anus about the size of a hazel nut. It was very painful on saturday as well. On Sunday it felt wet be...

Why won't my abdominal pain go away? I went on a liquid diet for a few days and have been careful with my eating but for a month now I have been in pain. My doctor thinks it's mild diverticulitis.

I fell on my back and hip and it hurts all up one side of my back and was wondering if I should go to the hospital?

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