Pancreatic Cancer

I drink 6-8 cans of fosters a night and for the past 6 months I've been get loose yellow stool maybe 4 times a week could this my pancreas

I had acute pancreatitis 6 months ago now I am on a 5 day dose of prednisone should I discontinue use of this!

I have all the symptoms of EPI, but I also have some for pancreatic cancer. I am terrified that it may be the latter. Your thoughts?

I have a slight soreness on the bottom part of my left rib and some discomfort on my right shoulder blade. I'm worried I have pancreatic cancer. I quit drinking alcohol 2 months ago but before that...

My mother had a cystoscopy a few weeks back and the urologist said no cancer was found. However, he wants to remove a small red spot for precautionary reasons but again not concerned. I called he...

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