Pap Smears

Had a pap smear 3 days ago and Dr used a large speculum and left it hanging for a few seconds... Then she removed and switched to a smaller speculum / Pap was completed. but now I have a swollen p...

I am s/p breast cancer X 3 years. 61 yo. Dx of herpes with Abnormal pap smear in May 2014. Since then, 2 abnormal pap smears, colposcopy and LEEP procedure done. At least 3 abnormal pap smears ...

What is a pap smear? do they hurt? what do OB/GYNs do and do they hurt and what do they chck

I was wondering would I have to still get a pap smear even though I haven't had sex since 2006???

I recently had my annual Pap smear, and it came back abnormal. My boyfriend and I have had sex 3 times since my pap and I've noticed it hurts during intercourse, then feels dry and itchy down there...

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