Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Do you think if a woman had PID symptoms of pain, smelly discharge and light bleeding then sought medical attention 2 or 3 days later, would have severe scarring, thus preventing fertility? Or only...

My girlfriend of age 23 has PID.Doctors believe she got it from an abortion 4years ago. Last year she was hospitalized due to PID infection. RIght now little pain is coming back at her right abdom...

I discovered 3 days after initial symptoms that I had PID. Was too much damage already done to my fallopian tubes? Did I wait too long? Is there too much scarring? What are the chances I can still ...

I am currently taking antibiotics. Started feeling nausea after taking them, took medication for nausea. Not sure how long it'll take to kick in or if it's even working. What do I do?

My girlfriend may have Pelvic inflammatory disease and i have had unprotected sex with her. What should i do and what can the disease do to me if i have it?

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