Pink Eye

Can the intestinal adeno virus cause/transfer/morph into a viral conjunctivitis infection in another person, I.e. Getting the virus from intestinal adeno on to your hands and rub your eyes...

If my 15 month old had pink eye 2 weeks ago, how fast could he get another case of it?

I just got Vick VapoRub in my left eye and now I'm having vision problems when I look through my left eye, what should I do?

Hi, today I woke up with a very swollen eyelid. I thought it was nothing but as the day went on it was itchy and burned a little. I used to be allergic to fish and stayed away from it for a while a...

Hey there is all this green stuff coming out of my eye it's really pain full and if I don't clean it right away then it gets hard and makes my eye hurt more , what should I do ? It even hurts 2 cl...

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