Plantar Warts

I have a bump on my penis. It's been there for years, benign, small, and insensate. Over the past two days it has grown and the area behind it has become a little swollen and the bump itself has be...

What is the best solution for removing warts

I was wondering what is the best method to get rid of plantar warts i have had these for 14 years now and i finding them extremely !! uncomfortable for me to walk .

I am a 71 year old female. In less than two years I have had four episodes of plantar warts....always on the left foot.....nowhere else on the body. Each time there are five to seven warts. Mos...

I think that I have 2 plantar warts on the bottom of one foot. Should I see a GP or a podiatrist or a dermatologist for removal of plantar warts?

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