Poison Ivy

I have been to my local hospital before and the doctor said he thought it was poison ivy. He gave me a prescription for it but it has not gone away. It was just on my abdomen and back left shoulder...

What will happen if we drink mosquito repellent? It will cause death for us?

I'm getting over a poison ivy rash on the right side of my face. Urgent care put me in 4gm oral methylpredbisolone a day for two weeks (it's been 14 days) and two days ago I weaned to 2 mg a day. M...

I recieved a bad case of poison oak around my body, mostly in the groin area so i went to my doctor to get some help. they gave me a Kellog shot of 80mg and also put me on prednison. the rash and ...

Can i take Teva-Cephalexin 500mg at the same time as Benadryl to treat my poison ivy?

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