Polyps, Colon

Is it normal to have blood in my stools two days after my colonoscopy. I've also passed some polyp looking things

I have had a colonoscopy which revealed a 2 cm flat adenomatous polyp. A biopsy was done and there is no evidence of cancer. The polyp could not be removed by the specialist and I have been advis...

Greetings. I am a 26 year old male who had bariatric surgery in August 2014 and have lost 130 pounds so far. For years I have experienced random bursts of not-so-severe pain in and around my anu...

I had blood in my stool a few days ago. It hasn't happened again since but has happened a handful of times throughout my life. I'm wondering how worrisome this is and if it's something I need to ha...

Can a woman bleed from cervical polyps without having sex or a menstral cycle

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