Prostate Cancer

I am a 63 yo male in excellent health. Recently, my psa level rose in 18 months from 1.2 to 1.8. (.6 rise) My DRE was negative. Should I be concerned?

I have been diagnosed with a prostate infection with the following lab results and classification. ABUNDANT GRAM POSITIVE BACILLI ABUNDANT ENTEROCOCCUS SPECIES (GROUP D) Can this type of i...

I just have started having the symptoms below and wanted to know what sort of causes there would be for these symptoms. I'll see a doctor this week and schedule a colonoscopy (which at 59 I'm over...

Have been taking zinc (picolnate) for 5 months have i increased my chance of prostate cancer? 21 year old male

I am having blood in my semen. I am scheduled to be out of the country until Sept 2. I just turned 53 today. Is this urgent enough that I should return to the states ASAP and see my Dr., or would ...

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