Prostate Cancer

I am having blood in my semen. I am scheduled to be out of the country until Sept 2. I just turned 53 today. Is this urgent enough that I should return to the states ASAP and see my Dr., or would ...

I had my finger in my husbands butt messing with his prostate and on the other side on top it felt like a piece of yarn or something. Should we be concerned? Or is it normal?

I am 54, I just got tested psa 5.4 Fpsa 9 percent. I did have biopcy feb 2014 all was fine. last psa was jan 2014 3.8. should I worry?

Hello, I recently got follicultous in my manhood, between the penis and scrotum. I went to my doctor and this is how I found out what it was. My question is, why did I have to get a prostate exam w...

My 75 year old Dad has been diagnosed with stage M1b prostate cancer. His PSA result at a point was 221 and then he went through Chemotherapy. After which, he went for another PSA test and is fel...

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