Had a Turp since 10 weeks ( 75 days ) ago; and had yesterday an ultrasound indicating : enlarged prostate gland with TURP defect : an enlarged prostate gland of 35.8 cc; pre-void and post- void sca...

Hello I had my physical yesterday and my PSA levels were 54.82 ng/mL and I was wondering what my risks of having prostate cancer with that number and what could that number possibly mean.

Can i have anal sex after the surgical procedure know as transurethral resection of prostate (TURP)?

I am 27 years old male, I had sexual intercourse 3 days ago; it was 3 sessions of intensive sex in 40 minutes (because of premature ejaculation), now i am suffering from blood in semen, severe pain...

Hello, I have some issues. First, I have partially lost the feeling that one gets when they have to urinate. I get sort of a little feeling that I have to go, but not like before. Second, when I u...

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