I take Humira every two weeks for severe Psoriasis and was supposed to take it right before a 3 week trip to europe. I however got a cold a few days before leaving and at the advice of the doctor i...

I have red spots on my neck. They become scaly and do not itch. I have a similar condition on my head neck to my hairline above my sideburns and below my forehead but much less pronounced.

How effect and how long do diproso shots work for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis?

Hello! I recently developed itchy skin colored bumps all over my limbs. They started on my upper arms then gradually started appearing on my lower arms and legs -- they're periodically very itchy a...

I have red circulr scaley extremely ichey infact that i scratch them till they bleed have scaley skin on my elbows and knees tyied to hydrocortisone cream but not working why wont they heal? how...

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