Quit Smoking

What kind of doctor should i see to quit vaping

I am a heavy smoker quitting today. My sense of smell has diminished. Can you tell me how smoking damages the nerve endings and why cessation improves them. Hoping to regain some smell.

I am a male. I gave up smoking 6 months ago. Now eating a lot and gaining weight which is ok (I was always slim). Over the last month I have experienced bloating, slow and less regular bowel moveme...

I am a 48 year old female who ceased smoking 3 weeks ago. Last Friday and Saturday I had two nosebleeds and also coughed up some blood on both occasions as well as a much smaller amount this Tuesda...

If you insert vegetable seeds or herbal seeds (tomato seeds or basil seeds) into a biodegradable cigarette filter, are there health implications (beyond standard smoking risks) from smoking through...

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