Quit Smoking

Hello sir i have smoking habit. from few days i was smoking alot. next day in the morning while brushing my teeths some blood come out from my throat with cough in little amount. i was worried at...

Hi, im 17 years old and i recently found out i had swollen salivary glands when i saw my doctor. He prescribed me penecillen and it seems to have helped a little bit but hasnt gone away yet as im o...

I have smoked 8-10 cigarettes/day for 10 years. I have recently quit cold turkey. How long before cotinine tests negative in urine/blood?

Hi my name is Dakota an my question is the effects of organic Tobacco an a male under the age of 25 for his muscle gain and if he can still reach his muscle cap level also the effects on his brain ...

How long after cleansing and not smoking will I be able to pass a continine/nicotine blood test

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