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Rotator Cuff Injuries

I have had rotator cuff surgeries two time for both arms. I am now 72 years old and m experiencing the same symptoms in both arms again. I am still very active and both my shoulders are displaying ...

On February 23, I had rotator cuff surgical repair (open with screw anchors secondary to a shredded supraspinatus tendon). the sling was taken away 4 days later (2/27) and today was my 3rd physical...

Had shoulder surgery several weeks ago. Feels as if something is in my joint next to clavicle stopping me from raising arm all the way. Also extreme pain just below elbow. Please help.

I was told I needed shoulder replacment. All the ligaments are torn, this has happened over time, Dislocated it 5 yrs ago, treated and had PT. have been losing function over the years, then pai...

My rotator cuff injured. it has been three weeks but still minimum to no sign of improvement. how long it will take?..should i start strengthening exercises even though i experience pain?

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