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Rotator Cuff Injuries

I was told I needed shoulder replacment. All the ligaments are torn, this has happened over time, Dislocated it 5 yrs ago, treated and had PT. have been losing function over the years, then pai...


My rotator cuff injured. it has been three weeks but still minimum to no sign of improvement. how long it will take?..should i start strengthening exercises even though i experience pain?


I was recently diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. and 2 days ago i noticed a small bruise on that arm on the outside upper part of my bicep, where that bruise is there was a large indent about an...


I have pain in my bicep mostly when I raise my arm. Should I see a doctor about this?


A year and a half ago I had a reverse cuff total shoulder replacement surgery done. Last month I tore something in the shoulder and both Xray and CT indicate hardware is in-tact and there are no f...

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