My boyfriend was on antidepressants about 6 years ago (before we were together), and while on them, it made it very difficult/almost impossible for him to reach orgasm. It's been 4 years or so sinc...

I daily use medicine GENEW PLUS ONCE till 8 months and it performs better but suddenly my penis erection is low so doctor give me a taxim 200 mg and veltus 0.4 so i take one day cousrse morni...

I have bumps/rash in between my genitals and scrotum, but got a negative test for genital herpes. Should i be worried?
EDIT: In addition, my lymph node in the genital area has swelled....

I have itchy , red 3 patches on left side of my penus, it was there 2 days ago and today it is back again ,it dosnt itch and only dose when i touch the red patch , i have seen it when it is hot and...

Do you know what VCF is? my girlfriend got some of the gel on her tongue after participating in oral sex with me.

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