Skin Rash

I have a rash on my inner upper arm, with one large white circle that hurts a little, one slightly smaller white circle and then a couple of much smaller ones. This is surrounded by a red rash.

I have a skin rash for months. No cortisone has been able to eliminate it. It was treated as eczema but I'm thinking it's something else. It's very itchy it's driving me crazy

I have red bumps on my skin and black dots in my house that seem to get under my skin. My house cats got fleas - prob because of strays & raccoons in neighborhood. It's horrible. Could it be bi...

Hey I have this rash on my thighs that could be jock itch but in worried that it could be herpes too? I should also mention that I have a blister on my penis but that could also be from masturbatio...

Im a 33 year old male and have been with only my girlfriend for 3 years. We only sleep with each other. I have grown my hair out to around 6 inches for the last year and started using a high end ha...

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