Skin Rash

I received the Prevenar 13 Vaccine a week a ago. It was sore the first two days and then was fine. Howevcer, a week later, the skin around the injection sight (about the size of a small tangerine...

My 11-month-old baby has strange rashes on her neck, stomach, and sometimes back. These have been on and off, but are now usually strong. Here is what they look like: http://www.screencast...

What could be causin g allergic or skin problem with bums and extensive itching.

I've developed a new birthmark in the region between my pubic area and my thigh. Is this normal or what is it?

Developed an itchy, red bump above genital area. Bump began to ooze and ulcerate/lesion. A second bump appeared at the base of the penis. Same thing happened. A third appeared at the bottom of ...

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