Skin Rash

If me and my partner have scabies can we have sex ??

I have a Skin Condition under my Armpits. I think it might be scabies, but I am not sure. I need you to take a look at the Photos attached and advise on what is this and how to treat it. I am curre...

My son was having a bath and all of a sudden he started to get a rash on his ankles and legs looked like the same kind of reaction he got when he touch nettle plant hes not itchy The rash is pink...

I have red bumps on my body they itch and also burn in the shower

Hi I have some small cuts in my groin. It looks like the skin split and a bit of a rash. I did have sex with a condom a week ago. Does this just look like a fungus or jock itch or does it look...

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