Skin Rash

Im having an alergic reaction. I have welts on my wrists and a lot on my head that itch. Even my palms of my hands itch bad and its very dicomforting

I was making a morning shake and while I was drinking the shake I noticed a very strong metal taste in my mouth. I couldn't find any missing pieces off the blades other than some hidden grime. Shou...

I have a rash on my inner upper arm, with one large white circle that hurts a little, one slightly smaller white circle and then a couple of much smaller ones. This is surrounded by a red rash.

I have a skin rash for months. No cortisone has been able to eliminate it. It was treated as eczema but I'm thinking it's something else. It's very itchy it's driving me crazy

I have red bumps on my skin and black dots in my house that seem to get under my skin. My house cats got fleas - prob because of strays & raccoons in neighborhood. It's horrible. Could it be bi...

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