Skin Tags

Hi, I've just found a skin tag like grown on my Perineum I'm female.

My dads lips started getting swollen all of a sudden, He only took antihistamines and it went away for sometime and came back well from this picture you can see it, I want to know if you have an id...

I have a skin tag on my back that has grown slowly over the last few years to now it is roughly the size of a Brazil nut. It causes me discomfort if I don't sit down or lay down in a certain positi...

Keep having spots coming on my Body in 2 that will then scab and cause scaring without being touched. All over my body. Look like big holes in my skin

I have skin tags under my tongue, red dots on tongue, and my tongue is scalloped. The back of my throat looks yellowish. This has been this way for a while I did go to the emergency room a while ag...

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