Sleep Problems

Can i take melatonin with hydromorpine and gralise? I have not been sleeping the past few weeks

I have problems staying asleep at night. This is mostly due to work anxiety. I fall asleep just fine around 10:30pm but wake up like clockwork between 12-2am and stay awake until my alarm goes off ...

So i normally always have sleeping issues where it takes me an hour to go to bed and stuff. but recently the past week and ahalf i find myself not being able to fall asleep for about 6 hours then i...

I have a foot problem it is when i go to bed i feel like i have to strech them this seems to happen when it is damp in the air from louise

Is it reasonable to take a low dose Ambien if I'm the only adult caring for 2 young children overnight or might I be too sedated if a need arises? It is also reasonable to drive the children first ...

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