Smoking Cessation

I want to smoke either weed or hookah which is worse for an athlete?

I am taking a medical exam for term life insurance 8 days from now. I smoked one cigarette today. Will the cotinine still be present in my urine or blood 8 days from now. This is the first cigar...

Does smoking cigarettes and cigars at age 14 1-2 times every 2 weeks stunt growth (height)?

I smoke and have been smoking on and off now for about four years . Lately I have been smoking more , I have been having a very tender throat witch bleeds time to time and hurts more when I smoke a...

Im 18 and i smoke 3 packs a day. I have no intention of quitting Yet. And i was just wondering, what is lung cancer going to feel like? I know i will be getting it and would just like to know wha...

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