Sore Throat

Swallowed a foam earplug accidentally into my mouth and now its in my throat

Hi. Around a week ago, i felt like something was stuck on the roof of mouth. I scraped the area pretty good. Further down in the local area, i noticed a hard, pea sized lump under the skin. It hurt...

It all started with a sore throat which got cured but i had pain on the sides of the throat and tingling and heaviness feeling on the cheeks which would just not go away... I went to an ENT and he...

My daughter has a sore under her tongue, little bumps in the back of her tongue and some red spots on the back of her mouth. I have pictures

My son is at college and is a swimmer...under tongue was hurting this past Sunday. On Monday, he felt an enlarged lymph node on same side. Went to doctor at college, she felt it was a stone and tol...

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