Sore Throat

Greetings, for the last 2 months i have been having an issue with my throat, it feels so tights and stiff from the neck área and the appe of Adam área that is produces me constant n...

I ate a hot backed potato and my throat got sore, what do I do?

For the last week I have felt a constriction in my throat like there is a blockage or tightening in my windpipe and feeling lightheaded from it. I went to ENT , and ER , had X-ray and CT of neck a...

Hello, About a month ago I started to feel something on the right side of my neck/throat when swallowing. See picture of spot. Not pain so much as a tightness feeling. I went to my general doct...

My daughter has been having a cough last 2 days now she says her throat and ear hurts

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