Sore Throat

My daughter has been having a cough last 2 days now she says her throat and ear hurts

Hi, I ate some sour candy that had been left out overnight this morning. Not too long after i had ate this i felt like my throat had begin to tighten or as if there was a small lump present. I hav...

Hello, I am a healthy, 39 year old female. 8 weeks ago I was eating rainbow trout and felt like I swallowed a fish bone. It felt like it was stuck in my throat so the next day I went to the emergen...

Swallowed a foam earplug accidentally into my mouth and now its in my throat

Hi. Around a week ago, i felt like something was stuck on the roof of mouth. I scraped the area pretty good. Further down in the local area, i noticed a hard, pea sized lump under the skin. It hurt...

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