Stiff Neck

Hi I have tightness and mild paonin my neck on the right side in the back close to my shoulder blade and it hurts when I touch my eyebrow on the right side as well

I am having a great concern with my esophagus/neck. I don't think the pain it in my esophagus particularly since it doesn't hurt to eat or drink. However there is pain in my neck when I swallow, an...

My son is 24 years old, has lump in front of neck left side, not thyroid. Had a sonogram, came back with nothing ,but neck specialist wants him to have an mri. Should I be concerned?

Is is possible to walk around with a broken neck? And what are the symptoms

It began two days ago when my throat and neck ached and was very uncomfortable and when i swallowed it hurt and hurt my ear. The next day om top of the other symptoms i got a ongoing headache on my...

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