Stomach Flu

I feel cold in my stomach and had trouble with diarrhea in the morning, but feel normal when I take a dump.

Earlier I used the restroom. And I noticed a white string or two in my stool. It didn't look like a worm or anything. I'm just curious to what it could be. I touched it with a plastic fork and it ...

Hi, 2 weeks ago I was really unwell with a bug. Coughing, aching, tiredness, phlegm with tiny amount of blood. whilst unwell I also had to travel from Australia to the UK which was very tiring. How...

What could be causing flu like symptoms with weight gain and a rash. My diet isn't very good I've been eating out a lot lately

I seemed to have gotten the stomach flu after a trip to Mexico - I had diarrhea for a few days and then on the third day noticed blood in the bowel movement. I took imodium and the diarrhea stoppe...

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