Strep Throat

I have strep throat and need meds

I just had a urinalysis all was normal except test strip blood: moderate protein 30+ in the sediment microscopic wbc and rbc were in normal range but showed rare ua mucous

Hi, My 9 year old has a swollen lymph node about the size of a grape on her anterior cervical neck. She has had strep 2 in the past 2 weeks which she was on antibiotics for and now has a really bad...

I'm a generally healthy 33 yr old Male. Around mid december 2016 i felt symptoms of strep throat. Doctor gave me one of those quick strep tests. I was positive. Prescribed antibitocs. Didnt resolve...

Reference ID 541038. I wanted to write to advise how I am going. I have been on the multi vitamin and the other vitamins recommended, and finished the course of Flagyl and Klacid antibiotics. I hav...

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