Strep Throat

I got hit in the growin with a 130psi of air and water 5 months ago and I still have the same pain as I did when it happen , what would that be possible help??

Do I have strep? I took a picture of my throat just now and wanted an opinion if I should go to the doctors for antibiotics. Also is there any alternative to getting a culture swap?

Hi, I had unprotected insertive vaginal and anal sex with a girl on the 1st of January, 2 days later i developed tonsillitis and was severely sick. I must mention i have gotten a few bouts of tonsi...

My son has been sick for 13 days now. He was initially sent home from school on a Friday with chills and a low grade fever. On Saturday he broke out in a rash on his entire body. The rash was not b...

I have swelling on my right lymph gland and it's tender. I went to the doctor last week and was given a course of penicillin but the swelling hasn't gone down, should I be worried?

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