Strep Throat

Reference ID 541038. I wanted to write to advise how I am going. I have been on the multi vitamin and the other vitamins recommended, and finished the course of Flagyl and Klacid antibiotics. I hav...

I have pain when breathing in mainly in my throat but if I strain myself I have some pain in upper chest throats and feel winded was wondering if this is a serious condition or something a general ...

I had a negative strep test 4 days ago but now I have white spot on my throat

I've had a sore throats now for more than a week with what feels like swollen painful glands. I have a history of sinus infections...strep throat?

Hello. Can you please diagnose from the images provided what is wrong with my throat, and what I can do to treat/heal it and to help with the pain. Also, is the health of my tongue normal - colou...

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