Did what happened to me in my symptoms mean I had a stroke or a migraine headache?

I had a stroke in May 2015. I have multiple issues. 1: my hand "fell asleep" and is not improving as is the left side of my mouth and lips 2: All medications cause my uvula to swell so I ...

I'm having sever migraines and twitching in my upper lip (both left side)and left and right numbness and tingling. My heart races as well periodically (2-3) times a day. I am HIV meds.

Need to know if these are symptoms of a stroke.My wife is experiencing a headache that came on all of a sudden, slurred speech, weakness in her left leg, and is having trouble swallowing. She has h...

6 years after a stoke, it looks like i swallowed a bowling ball. it happened after they pulled the feeding tube out of my stomach. what may cause this?

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