I have a sunburn and have been treating it with solarcaine with aloe.and aloe vera gel. but the redness is still there and my skin is dry. I dont want to have any sun damage from this, what should ...

Hi, The other day I had severe sun burn, 3 days later I developed scabby, rough, reddish brown patches on my nose and cheeks. I applied aloe lotion, burn cream, and other remedies. Do you know wha...

I got really sunburnt on my scalp a day ago and now I've found yellow crusty scabs on my scalp, should I be worried?

I have what is considered a second degree sunburn - severe redness, pain, edema, and skin peeling. I am in the latter stages of the healing process (1 week after initial burn) with just skin peelin...

I got really bad sun burn on the weekend and it has been really sore all week and know their are like blisters that are clear with puss in them and they are paining all the time.

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