Swine Flu

I am 35 years old, I am generally a healthy person. I have a few conditions: Bicuspid Aortic Valve, Right Bundle Branch Block, Patent Formal Ovale, High Blood Pressure (controlled), Vericose veins...

Hi doctor, Im having body pain, light dizziness, fever, eye pain.. Is it the symptoms of swine flu..? Or seasonal flu?

I am having minor cough,runny nose and mild fever.Do i have swine flu?

From last 3 days i m not feeling well ... i am have no cough fever or runny nose ...but i have diarrhea is it symptm of swine flu my age is 20 n i m from kashmir .... few days back i eat cackes eve...

I just wanted to confirm that whether I'm having swine flu or not. It's been 72 hours my throat was so soar. Then yesterday i did gargling with salty water and now there's a bit relaxation. I'm hav...

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