Swine Flu

Hi doctor, Im having body pain, light dizziness, fever, eye pain.. Is it the symptoms of swine flu..? Or seasonal flu?

I am having minor cough,runny nose and mild fever.Do i have swine flu?

From last 3 days i m not feeling well ... i am have no cough fever or runny nose ...but i have diarrhea is it symptm of swine flu my age is 20 n i m from kashmir .... few days back i eat cackes eve...

I just wanted to confirm that whether I'm having swine flu or not. It's been 72 hours my throat was so soar. Then yesterday i did gargling with salty water and now there's a bit relaxation. I'm hav...

I am suffering from fever and cold for past 3 days is it a sign of swine flu?

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