Throat Cancer

I have a small lump at back of my mouth

I woke up two days ago with my right side of my neck underneath the corner of my jaw and ear in pain. Lymph node area. It hurts when I turn my head or push on it. Also slightly hurts when I swallow...

I'm a 31 yrs old Male from Kolkata, INDIA. I'm a cancer survivor.. been to 2 major surgeries in last one year.. my 1st surgery was held on 26th june 2015 wherin 10 % of my left lateral tongue has b...

Do i have mouth cancer? Or are these pictures normal? Note I did have an under bite surgery done a little over a year ago.

Hello, I looked back in my throat and noticed this bump lodged between my tongue and in front of my tonsil. It does not hurt and when I reached back to feel it, it felt soft and rubbery and did NOT...

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