Throat Cancer

I am 21 years of age and have been a smoker for six years. Is it possible that I could have developed throat cancer? I also have GERD. Is it time, after two weeks of ongoing symptoms, to see a d...

I currently have a dry throat that hasn't gone away for about 3 weeks. In addition it feels like mucus is stuck in my throat and it won't go down. Overall, there is an abnormal amount of mucus but...

My mom had sist like things in her underarms and near her ear. She used to have one many years ago in the neck which was then removed. She always thinks its due to the household work that she does ...

Hi Doctor,I have a pace of installation stuck in my trouth. How can I get it out?

After removing my cancer cells 6 months ago near my voice box, when I have a sore throat, it's extremely painful. The removal was done using laser.

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