Thyroid Disorders

Hello...i have been off my thyroid meds for follow up thyroid cancer screening since 9/11. I took 4mci of radioactive iodine at noon on 10/10 in preparation for my whole body scan on Thurs 10/13. ...

I'm trying to identify some pain in the lower front of my neck. It's just left of the Adam's apple and just about an inch above my collar bone.

I had a visit at my Doctor's office and told him I was having severe night sweats. He had my blood tested, and said everything was fine, not leaning toward any thyroid issues. I did notice on my pa...

Background: I am 32 years old female. 5'4 , 140 pounds. I exercise 3-4 times a week (powerwalking). A few months ago moved 3 hours away for a new job. Medications: Adderall 30mg. Mom and uncle have...

I am 21 yrs old, female. My hb level is 13 bt my ferritin level is 14.. Shud i need to take supplements?... My hair is also getting thin... My thyroid profile is normal

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