Thyroid Nodules

I had unprotected oral sex in Feb this year, after I had it I became sick for a week and felt I had lump in my throat. This started a day after oral sex.. After awhile I noticed a red vain in the b...

About 4 years ago, my doctor discovered I had thyroid (hypo) through blood test. After a couple of months, it regulated out. My tsh is currently 0.56 About 2 years ago, I had ultrasound that s...

Hi Sir, I am age 27, 1 week back i found ta i m having a bump at right side of neck, I dont have the habit of smoking and its not paining also Pls Suggest me that what kind of bump is this?

I had my thyroid tested, TSH was 3.35, Free T3 is 2.7, and free t4 is .9. I also have a 9.5mm thyroid nodule. Are any of these things significant? Should I do anything further?

I when for a blood test and my D-Dimer is high 1,933.0, and the range is 500 what can i use to lower the D-Dimer.

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