Ulcerative Colitis

My wife was in the hospital yesterday for server abdominal pain and they said she has colitis and gave her some pain meds and put her on Flagyl and Cipro....this morning she woke up with some vagin...

Hello, I have ulcerative colitis. I was recently hospitalized for a flare. I have been on prednisone for nearly a year, the highest dose being 40 mg. Every time I try to taper, I get down to abou...

I have three what look like black heads on my penis. They are painful to squeeze.

I've been going to the bathroom three days two times a day it's all black jet black this of been about three days now

Biopsy is not back, but does erythematous, inflamed and ulcerative mucosa (asc. colon and rectum) absolutely mean ulcerative colitis? Could it be bacterial, viral, or parasitic in nature and pass?

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