Urinary Tract Infection

I have a fever on thurday i took advil to prevent and then on friday night I have problem of frequent urination

I think I have a UTI. I am on Accutance 10 mg/per day. Is there a safe antibiotic to take?

85 year old female. Has ostomy bag (bladder removed 20 years ago). Patient has had chronic UTIs in the last 6 months, and antibiotics do not seem to be working. So (1) is this typical in elderly...

Hi i have been diagnosed with e coli in my urine.I have had problems passing urine and also have a bloated feeling in my stomach and nausea I only pass small amounts of urine and feel that this ...

I recently went to my local walk-in clinic for what i suspected was a UTI, which i have had periodically through out my life. A urine sample was taken, and my suspicions were confirmed with the f...

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